Altra Lone Peak 3.0 Review

The Altra Lone Peak 3.0 is a trail specific shoe that boast many attributes as a light hiking shoe. When I decided to go for comfort on my trail hikes I was in the market for something with a nice wide toe box and comfort that can sustain itself for hours on end. I was […]

How to pack cycling jersey Pockets

With 3 pockets to work with for packing your essentials for long days in the saddle, it’s a great way to focus on the necessities and the things you may end up needing when your out riding when you least expect it. For this post I’ll be focusing on 3 categories, which are Food, maintenance, […]

POC Fondo Light Jersey Review

When I first slipped into the POC Raceday Aero Jersey I knew I finally found a jersey that not only fit perfect, but also looks and works perfect. It’s and Aero Jersey that feels like it and aggressive when showing up on raceday. Since then I haven’t tried much of anything else. It was my […]