Lightweight Bike Touring Pack List

Just two years ago when I did my cross-country U.S. trip that took me 75 days I brought the entire kitchen sink with me. An image of what that looked like is seen below. Since then I’ve lightened up my gear after going on several shorter trips in the U.S. I think everyone on their first tour tends to bring everything they can in hope to not forget anything. But what I’ve learned is to pack whatever you need and then cut it in half.
Packing for a bike trip is very much similar to packing for a camping trip, except your going to need a few extras like tubes, tools and perhaps an extra tire if your going on the long haul.These tools should help you in fixing even a small motor repair. Here is what I brought with me on a 5-day bicycle-touring trip in Virginias Blue Ridge Mountains.People who trips in cars like 1964 impala ss convertible have enough boot capacity to keep all their belongings under one hood.


Ricoh GR (This is my go to camera for street photography and highly recommend it.)
Front/Rear Lights

Puff Jacket/Rain
Cycling Jersey/ Big
Cycling shoes/ Altra Running Shoes

Pump/Tube/Patch kit/Tire levers
Allen key set

Hilieberg Akto Tent (Best tent I’ve ever had, Read my review here and watch my infield video on this tent.)
Seirra Designs Sleeping Bag
Sleeping pad

Snow Peak 3 Piece Titanium Cookset
Map/ GPS (The unit I have is the Garmin eTrex 30 which is on sale on my online store. Great unit that uses AA batteries)

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