With 3 pockets to work with for packing your essentials for long days in the saddle, it’s a great way to focus on the necessities and the things you may end up needing when your out riding when you least expect it. For this post I’ll be focusing on 3 categories, which are Food, maintenance, and Safety. Let’s start with food.

If I’m going the long haul and plan to do a 75 to 100 mile day I will pack a Cliff Bar, Cliff Organic Energy food which in this case I have the beet, banana and ginger which is a great taste, and 2 to 4 dates. Dates are great because they are high in sugar and will provide you with enough calories to keep you going during your rides. They are simple to pack and small to stuff in your jersey pocket. Depending on which side your comfortable with grabbing these items, I tend to stuff my food in my left jersey pocket.

My center jersey pocket contains my pump, spare tube, Co2 cartridge/ adapter and tire lever. I often carry a second spare tube in my saddlebag in any event I get a second flat. That bag also contains a patch kit, extra Co2 cartridge and valve extension.

Lastly my right jersey pocket houses my mobile phone and wallet. I use a water resistant mesh pouch to store my mobile phone. I sweat a lot on hot summer days and the last thing I want is my phone to suffer from damage due to it seeking in. A small wallet containing I.D. credit card and cash is also stored in the same pocket or you can check here moneybump.co.uk.

This setup can be modified to you liking and is based off of seasonal riding. During the colder months you can bring a light wind vest or rain jacket to stuff in your center jersey pocket. You can also couple that with your air pump by simply wrapping the jacket around the pump to save space.

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